The April Meyer Middle School Students of the Month are as follows:

Sixth grade, gold house

Elizabeth Larson is the daughter of Jessie and Gina Larson. Libby always has a smile on her face. She handles all situations with a positive attitude. Libby is eager to learn and participates often. She is also always helpful to her classmates. Elizabeth enjoys the River Falls Swim Club, art and music. She also plays the piano. Elizabeth has two dogs and a hedgehog. She enjoys spending time outside with friends and family. She would love to be able to pet an elephant.

Graham Rundle is the son of Michael and Brenda Rundle. Graham works hard in all of his classes. He cares about his learning. He is kind to his classmates and has a great sense of humor. Graham enjoys reading, playing video games and TV. He is good at math and his favorite class is science. He would like to get a good job with good pay and have fun.

Sixth grade, blue house

Sophia Cooper is the daughter of Daryl and Natalia Cooper. Sophia is extremely responsible, and always turns in the highest quality work. She is polite to both adults and her peers, and truly wants to do well in school. Lastly, Sophia is always found doing the right thing, and shows the highest character in everything she does. Sophia has a blue belt in karate; she is also in Xcel Platinum for gymnastics. She has six pets and one sister. She enjoys spending time in nature. In her future she would like to get a black belt in karate, go sky diving and visit Japan.

Lincoln Tremain is the son of Jason and Gina Tremain. Lincoln is a very reliable and responsible student. He wants to do his very best in class, and he makes sure to ask questions when he doesn't understand something. You will often find Lincoln turning in assignments before the due date, because he cares that much. Lincoln enjoys reading, helping people and Pokemon. He would like to go on a train ride, visit Yellowstone and Florida.

Seventh grade, gold house

Rachel Everson is the daughter of Scott and Theresa Everson. Hardworking, responsible and considerate are qualities Rachel exhibits. When challenges are presented in the classroom, Rachel perseveres and uses grit to achieve success. Rachel enjoys gymnastics and track. Her favorite subject is science. She would like to travel to Australia to look at the different animal life.

Owen Nyberg is the son of Timothy and Lori Nyberg. Lending a helping hand is what Owen is known for. Considerate, enthusiastic and kind are all traits that Owen possesses. Owen like to hang out with friends. He likes to play chess and read. Some of his hobbies are beekeeping and woodworking. Owen would like to travel the world and help people who need help.

Seventh grade, blue house

Emma Botello is the daughter of Art and Jessie Botello. Emma is a responsible and dedicated student. She works very hard, takes detailed notes and has a positive attitude. Emma also has a quiet sense of humor and volunteers her time to help others. Emma loves to read; her favorite book is 'Winter" by Marissa Meyer. She is also a cheerleader. Emma's favorite stunt position is a flyer. She would like to be rich enough to buy Louis Vuitton shoes. She also dreams of traveling the world.

Cody Olson is the son of Jeff and Kerri Olson. Cody is an upstanding student with great moral and performance character. He has a kind heart and is very well mannered. Cody demonstrates altruistic behavior and goes out of his way to help others. Cody loves to play sports, especially baseball. He loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He also loves to hang out with his family. In his future he would like to visit each MLB baseball park.

Eighth grade, blue house

Abigail Edmundson is the daughter of Richard and Lori Edmundson. Abbey is a very responsible and motivated student. She is a creative thinker, which leads to high quality and interesting work. She has a great sense of humor and comes to school every day excited to learn. She works hard every day and puts forth great effort whether she's working alone or in a group. Her peers can count on her to always follow through on tasks when they are working together. Abigail enjoys dancing, writing and hanging out with family and friends. She also loves being around animals. When she grows up, she would like to graduate college, become a teacher, adopt a dog and be remembered as a good person.

Nolan Magee is the son of Jill Magee and Ryan Magee. Nolan always makes sure he is completing his homework to the expectations of his teachers. He asks questions whenever he needs more information and always takes responsibility for his learning. He pays close attention to details and makes sure his work is accurate and of the utmost quality. He is admired by his classmates and his teachers. Nolan enjoys sports and video games. His favorite sport is basketball. He likes to hang out with friends and be outside. Nolan would like to play college basketball.

Eighth grade gold house

Kiara Therriault is the daughter of Dan and Kara Therriault. Kiara is an outstanding student and is involved in activities such as hockey and Model United Nations. She presented in front of the entire Model UN assembly two years in a row and also presented to the seventh and eighth grade classes. Her teachers appreciate her positive attitude toward her work. Kiara is hardworking and loves to help others. In her spare time she enjoys playing hockey and lacrosse. She also likes to hang out with friends and family. Kiara would like to graduate high school and continue her education at a marine biology college.

Connor Cernohous is the son of Melissa Krupa and Chad Cernohous. Connor is an outstanding student and plays baseball. He is honest and caring towards his classmates. Teachers really appreciate his dedication and quiet leadership in the classroom. Connor's favorite subjects are science, social studies and gym. He enjoys cross country and track. Connor also enjoys playing video games. He would like to climb Mount Everest, and watch championships for every pro sport in the front row.