Farmington High School choral musicians plan to raise spirits at a cabaret concert complete with song and dance performed with a classy, modern night club-style that gives off a smooth jazz vibe.

"The thing I love about cabaret is students truly prepare everything themselves and they learn the process of finding a song that is appropriate," said choral director Megan Dimich.

Students will be dressed in formal cabaret attire with suits, ties and dresses.

"The kids all auditioned about six weeks ago with solos, duets and small numbers and when they auditioned they had to be performance ready, so it is student-generated and they have to come up with their thesis," said choral director Brian Ohnsorg.

Choral students Ben Jacobson and Katie Struck will sing "Awkward Duet" written by John Cozart. The couple found the song on YouTube, adding how the song title is perfect.

Even though the young singers are accomplished, both agree the song title allows them permission to be OK with any potential performance anxiety.

"We don't have to hide our sacredness on stage," Jacobson said.

Struck will also perform the solo "No One Else" from the musical "Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812."

"I like the general atmosphere of it because it is a lot different than a choir concert," Struck said. "You can pick and choose what songs you want to do and you prepare for it on your own, so there is a lot of freedom to what you can do."

Senior choral student Hunter Conrad will serve as master of ceremonies. He is getting ready to sing a solo and sing as part of a trio performance alongside fellow senior choral students, Zach Hogan and Pablo Stilwell.

The extracurricular high school choirs Vox, a primary male choir, and Voce, a primary female chorus, will perform along with the FHS New Dimension choir.

"We will have catered desserts and beverages that are a part of their ticket and we put tables all over the stage to make it a jazz club sort of feel," Dimich said.

Auditions were at the end of February so choral students have been rehearsing songs and perfecting their harmonies since then.

"They have been working on the songs for a while and they are personally invested in them because they have chosen them themselves," Dimich said. "I think that is a really important process for students to learn how to go through."

The sixth annual cabaret concert fundraiser will be held at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday, May 4, in the large recital hall at Farmington High School. Tickets can be purchased at the door or at