On Friday, April 26, 2019, 16 fifth grade students represented Prescott in the Regional Math Masters Competition at St. Croix Central Middle School in Hammond.

Students were chosen based on a preliminary test given in school and practiced in Extensions Class before going to the competition. The students showed excellent character, perseverance and mathematical ability as they competed against 104 students from Lakeside, Barron, E.P. Rock, Durand/Arkansaw, River Crest, Willow River, St. Mary, North Hudson, Riverview, Osceola and Amery. The contest lasted the entire morning and consisted of eight rounds: a Fact Drill Round, three Individual Rounds, a Tiebreaker Round, and three Team Rounds.

Math Masters competitions are designed to promote excellence in critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities as well as to provide recognition to students for academic effort and achievement. Contestants received prizes both individually and as a team.

Jackson Matzek received a ribbon for coming in eighth place in the Fact Drill! Congratulations Jackson and congratulations to all of the contestants!