Editor's note: This story is part of a series highlighting area high school graduating seniors.

GOODHUE - Carter Danielson and Kate Opsahl are experiencing this in varying degrees as they prepare to graduate from June 2 from Goodhue Public Schools.

Danielson plans to study secondary education at Winona State University in the fall, with hopes of being a high school social studies teacher.

Opsahl's father, Mark Opsahl, is the district's elementary school principal. Unlike Danielson and her father, Opsahl will study business and marketing at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, possibly becoming a travel agent some day.

Opsahl said a family friend who works as a travel agent got her interested. "I always thought it'd be cool to travel the world. And if you can do that in your job, that's the perfect combo."

However, she's not committed to that career, saying it's an option at this point.

The one place she said she'd love to travel: Australia.

Danielson said his "heart" has always been in teaching, enjoying his social studies and history courses growing up. Danielson said his favorite time period to study is the Civil War and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, calling it a different kind of United States history to study.

When he wasn't in class, playing football and baseball, reeling in fish with the fishing club, or playing Fortnite with friends, Danielson worked at the school's child care center. He realized that he'd rather be a high school teacher than elementary school teacher.

When the pair look back on their respective high school careers, it's filled with memories of big sporting events and hanging out with friends.

"Just the friendships, talking to people, making connections, stuff like that," Danielson said. "That's what I've enjoyed the most."

Danielson was a part of two state football teams. Opsahl's basketball team placed second last year in the state tournament.

The pair leave big shoes to fill in the athletic department, but they say they'll miss the school and town as well.

Opsahl said if she's able to she'd love to come back to the Goodhue area after college graduation. For Danielson, living in a small town like Goodhue, where everybody knows each other, is his goal.

"If it's at Goodhue, that's awesome," Danielson said on his future teaching career. "I know my way around right away."

Class of 2019

Goodhue Public Schools Commencement is 1:30 p.m. Sunday, June 2 in Goodhue Gym No. 2.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misspelled the title of the video game Fortnite.