Rosemount High School senior Nick Tentis says that staying busy helps him stay on track.

"I find if I'm not in a show or I'm not doing choir things or (National Honor Society) things, for some reason my homework doesn't get done as easily," Tentis said. "It's like if I'm really, really busy, it's so much easier for me to do things and go to the gym and that sort of thing."

Tentis has been passionate about music and theater during his tenure at Rosemount. He has participated in musicals, the show choir, dancing, the fall plays and choir - as a class and as an extracurricular.

"I've always been a singer, I always kind of wanted to act, it seemed kind of cool," Tentis said. "I really liked at the high school I had so many opportunities for that, from freshman year when it was just little things, to this year when I got to be the lead in the musical."

The school performed "Shrek The Musical" for the fall production. Tentis was the aforementioned Shrek.

Despite the numerous artistic groups and events that Tentis participated in, he found time to hold the treasurer position for Rosemount's National Honor Society, serve as president of the local chapter of the Tri-m Honor Society, help lead the Eastview and Rosemount division of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and work at a local Kwik Trip on the weekend.

Some of the clubs that Tentis is in require volunteer and service hours. These have varied from pancake breakfasts to creating a prom-like dance at a local church.

"It's called the 'Shamrock Ball' which is like a dance, and it's for special needs students in our district of different ages but mostly high school age," Tentis said. "The thought process is a lot of these kids won't be able to go to dances like prom - they won't get invited or won't be able to go. So this is at home, they get to dress up, we have food there for them, we have the dance, we have a lot of people from NHS come in and populate the room. ... it's just a really, really fun event."

Tentis plans on attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, once he has graduated from Rosemount this June. His is going to study math and hopes to become a math teacher.

"(Math) sort of clicks for me but I know a ton of people hate math so for me being able to teach math is kind of cool because I can help people."

Along with having a good math department, Tentis explained that he likes the U of M because of its proximity to Rosemount: he will be mostly on his own, but not completely out of the nest yet.