South Washington County Schools scholarship recipients were announced at the awards ceremony May 22 for East Ridge High School; May 28 for Woodbury High School; and May 30 for Park High School. The South Washington County Scholarship Committee awarded three $8,000 scholarships as well as three $500 awards to the first finalists.

The winners were Jacob Redden of East Ridge, Joseph Rossebo of Woodbury and Saren Croker of Park. The first finalists were Taylor Bannink of East Ridge, Makenzie Robinson of Woodbury and Annika Theurer of Park.

Since the scholarship formation in 1982, continuing support from the St. Paul Park/Newport Lions, Margaret Rivers Foundation and individual donations have enabled the South Washington County Scholarship Committee to award scholarships each year to students attending District 833 high schools. The beginning scholarships were $250 each and the committee now awards a total of $24,000 a year for three scholarships of $8,000, given in increments of $2,000 per year. With the overlapping years of allocation, this fund supports 12 recipients each year.

The grants are based on superior athleticism, high scholastic achievement and outstanding citizenship.