You may have peaked in high school - and that's a good thing, Woodbury High School graduate Andrius Adomavicius said to his peers at the school's graduation ceremony on June 2 at Aldrich Arena in Maplewood.

"We can bring about even higher peaks if we use our potential energy to keep working towards our goals," he said. "The peak we're at now is merely a small one compared to the Everests we are capable of reaching. So, Class of 2019, to anyone who says we've peaked here, just say: 'Yeah. We've peaked. But we haven't Everested.'"

Adomavicius was one of 10 students to graduate summa cum laude with distinction, meaning they reached a GPA of 4.3 or higher. Several of these students spoke Sunday night at the graduation ceremony, where about 500 students celebrated the completion of their high school career.

Woodbury High School Principal Sarah Sorenson-Wagner asked students to stand in recognition of various achievements, highlighting their involvement in arts, athletics, academics and student organizations.

"You have many gifts to share with the world," she told students. "Thank you for your contributions to Woodbury High School. You have made your mark with your kindness, generosity and joy for life."