Angelina Lind, a graduating senior from Farmington High School, loves all things hockey; she played the sport for 10 years before she endured an injury that brought her hockey career to a halt.

"Since then I've been chasing the dream of being an orthopedic surgeon," Lind explained.

Lind plans to attend the University of Minnesota in the fall to begin studying bio engineering, the first academic step towards becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Though Lind has not yet taken a class in orthopedics, she has spent over 100 hours shadowing doctors in clinics and watching surgeries from an observation room.

This dedication to orthopedics is mostly for her own knowledge and experience, but Lind also wants to make sure that is the path she wants to follow.

"Committing yourself to, I think I counted last night, 17 years of school after this year is not a small thing to do, so I wanted to make sure and every time I talk to a doctor or observe them it's very clear, and that's very exciting to me," Lind said. "I really like the patient interaction. It's just awesome to meet all these different people. And, just the complexity of it. As you can imagine surgery is; they make it look easy."

Lind enjoys learning of all kinds.

"I've just always loved going to school, I love learning new things even if it's not my particular area of interest. I think it's really valuable to know different things to get a broader perspective of the world."

When not in a clinic, surgery or school, Lind enjoys a variety of extra-curricular activities. During her senior year, she was the senior captain of the science olympia, participated in National Honor Society and served as the president of the French and astronomy clubs.

Lind credits much of her achievement and experience to her teachers from grade school to high school.

"All of my teachers have been so supportive, and they're all just kind people. None of them want you to fail, they all want you to succeed, it's just how much effort are you going to put into your education."

As the school year closes Lind is getting ready for summer, when she will visit France with her senior French class before starting school at the U of M and continuing towards the goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

"Maybe someday kids will email me or email my assistant or receptionist and say 'I would like to shadow Angelina' and I would say 'yes, because that's how I got here.'"