Students at Hastings Middle School are challenged to make reading a daily habit.

This year, two students broke records from past years - Julia Ronning accomplished her goal of reading 500 books and Sophia Weber read 400 books. The previous record had been 300.

Independent Daily Reading is done as part of language arts homework. Students set a goal at the beginning of the school year. A general goal is to read at least 30 books; the challenge is to read 40 or more. Across Mrs. Rebarchik's classroom at Hastings Middle School is a "Mario"-themed bulletin board with clouds fanning out near the ceiling. Students write a goal on the back of a star at the beginning of the school year, their name on the front and move their stars to the next level of reading as the year goes on.

Students who read 100 or more books during the 2018-2019 are: Lily Doffing, Devin Plank, Micaela Damico, Alleah Watson, Cheyanne Jordan, Eve Lawson, Ruby Rotty, Rhyen Miska and Jolie Pettit.