South Washington County Schools exceeded statewide standards in the first ever State of Our Students report, released Aug. 29 by the Minnesota Department of Education. Five areas were measured by the department's North Star Accountability System.

The report evaluated math and reading proficiency rates, math and reading progress, graduation rates, and consistency of attendance. Schools were also evaluated on the progress of students who are learning English.

District 833 students scored 64.75% in math, compared to the state average proficiency rate of 58.85%. They also achieved a proficiency rate of 68.02% in reading, compared to the state average of 58.29%.

In the math and reading progress category, 70.44% of District 833 students met the standard in mathematics — higher than the state average of 62.75%. In reading, 73.82% of students met the standard for progress compared to 66.94% of students who met the standard across the state.

The district's Class of 2018 had a 92.07% four-year graduation rate, compared to the state average of 83.20%.

The district also beat the state average on consistent attendance, which the North Star Accountability System defined as the percentage of students who attended 90% of their enrolled instructional days. For the 2017-18 school year, District 833 had a consistent attendance rate of 89.54%, compared to the statewide attendance rate of 85.35%.