Remember the thrill of getting a brand new book as a child? Cracking open the pages, ready to dive into whatever story lay ahead?

Now you can give that same thrill to a student in the Red Wing School District by becoming a book sponsor.

Jennifer Tepley has spent 10 years in the district and is currently a second grade teacher at Burnside Elementary.

Teachers like Tepley have needed to find new, creative ways to help fundraise for their classrooms over the years. Some teachers ask for donations of school supplies or furniture. Others, like some teachers in the district, ask for books.

Each month students are sent home with a Scholastic Books order form. Tepley said a few students consistently order from the form. Many have never ordered any books from the service.

“This was a way for me to get books into the hands of those kids,” Tepley said. “Literacy is so important in our world, even with all the technology that’s coming up. Reading is across all facets of education.”

Tepley’s classroom is covered by book sponsors right now, but this can translate easily to every class in the district. For just $9 a child, that will secure nine books for nine months of class time.

These books don’t stay at the school when the year is done either. They are property of the students.

“They just love to have a book in their hands to say it’s mine,” Tepley said.

Tepley and her colleagues select the age-appropriate book for their respective classes, with different genres to be incorporated during class time.

The expression of joy on the students' faces when they get their hands on a new book is something that Tepley says she’ll never get tired of.

If you are interested in becoming a book sponsor, contact the district for ways to do so.