RED WING -- Individuals interested in pursuing a career in health care now have the opportunity to enroll in short-term, intensive training programs at Minnesota State College Southeast.

“What we’re trying to do is offer these for not only our existing students, but also people from health care industries in the surrounding areas,” said Callie Ekblad, director of business relations at the college. “At the end, everyone will be able to take a credentialed examination. They’ll also receive a certificate from the college.”

Courses are scheduled to begin in February 2020 at the Red Wing and Winona campuses.

Costs vary by program and will range from $1,399 to $3,199 per semester. The decision to roll out the new programs came after local health care professionals signaled a need for more employees.

“We met with different health care agencies and found out what areas they were short in,” Ekblad said. “And what areas had the most turnover to see where they really needed training.”

Brainstorming ideas for the new courses began last spring and from that came programs that will focus on clinical medical assistantship, EKG technician training, intravenous therapy and pharmacy technician certification. The EKG, IV and pharmacy programs will all require 50 hours of coursework, while the clinical medical assisting program will require 140 hours in class and 160 clinical hours.

Ekblad estimates that the clinical medical assisting program will be the biggest out of the four offered, and it is already offered at the for-credit level. However, the other three are completely new offerings.

“They’re not credit offerings, so students don’t have to go through the application process,” Ekblad said. “We’re partnering with Condensed Curriculum, and we’re the only one in the MNSCU college system that’s partnering with them.”

Condensed Curriculum International supports community colleges, universities, workforce agencies, high schools and other education providers by providing educational content and classroom-based solutions, according to its website.

“We’re trying to start up these four and build on that for development into credit based programs,” Ekblad said.

To find out more information on the individual course outcomes, visit or call 651-385-6320.