RED WING -- The Red Wing School District will now offer boys alpine skiing after the board approved the sport addition Monday, Nov. 18.

The district has offered girls alpine skiing since 2017. Like the girls, the boys will enter a cooperative agreement with the Northfield School District and will compete at Welch Village.

Red Wing Activities Director Paul Hartmann brought the proposal forward saying there are five male students are currently interested in alpine skiing.

Students who participate in alpine skiing will need to pay the cost of travel, practices, meets and other administrative costs deemed necessary by Northfield.

Red Wing School Board Chair Arlen Diercks raised questions over whether a student who wanted to participate but couldn't afford to, if there would be some way that student could join alpine skiing. Hartmann said that idea hadn't been discussed and that it would be the family's responsibility to pay for the sport.

Hartmann also said in a submitted letter to Superintendent Karsten Anderson that adding alpine skiing would not make financial sense at this time.

Diercks, who was the only board member to vote against the motion, said the district has a lot of sport offerings at this time. Diercks said the district has the same amount of sports offered since 2001. Since the district is dealing with declining enrollment, Diercks argued supporting all these sports might not be sustainable over the coming years.

Vice Chair Pam Roe and Board member Jim Bryant argued for the addition, saying skiing is making a resurgence and they may find more students interested over time.

Alpine skiing will be offered for students beginning this year.