HUDSON -- Wold Architects and Engineers will lead the Hudson School District in a community engagement process as it looks at maintenance of its facilities.

The school board selected the firm Monday, Jan. 13, after hearing from it and two others, Bray Architects and HSR Associates, at a December work session.

Hudson district hears proposals on community engagement process, facility needs assessment

“This is purely about community engagement and facility analysis,” Superintendent Nick Ouellette said. “This is not a contract for design services, this is not a contract to do work beyond basically getting a committee to appoint to make a recommendation to our board.”

The contract includes facility analysis and long range planning, as well as potential referendum support.

Wold Architects’ proposal included committee stage to develop and evaluate maintenance options. The committee makeup could either be one committee of 20-40 people making recommendations to the board, or a few smaller committees looking at individual aspects and then combining on a larger options committee.

The total cost of the process was presented as $93,000. Ouellettee told the board on Monday that the fee was reduced by about $10,000.

The timing for the fee was changed as well. Ouellette said the contract included the assumption that the district would go for a referendum. While that is a possibility, Ouellette said if it is needed they want that to be something the district chooses to do at the time, not have it automatically built in.

“Obviously, as we’ve talked, you’d have to be naive to think there’s not the potential for needing to go and ask for money down the road,” Ouellette said, noting that the deferred maintenance list for the district’s facilities is close to $50 million.

The presented timeline set a preliminary recommendation in June with a potential referendum in November.

Open enrollment

The board also approved open enrollment space determinations for the 2020-2021 school year, something it does every year.

A total of 88 seats for open enrollment were approved at the high school, as well as 43 at the middle school and 145 at the elementary school.

Special education open enrollment was closed, except for 10 seats at the elementary level for cross-categorical-neighborhood school program.

The available seats are based on grade capacity, which is based on staffing capacity, Chief Human Resources Officer Andrea Voelker explained. No staffing will be added to accommodate the seats for open enrollment.