Minnesota State College Southeast has promoted Josiah Litant, dean of students, to the position of vice president of student affairs.

“I am maintaining my dean of students’ responsibilities and taking on the vice president role, so it positions me as part of the strategic leadership team, part of the president’s cabinet,” Litant said. “I’ll be helping to craft and guide the direction of the college along with my colleagues.”

Litant will be supervising student services such as recruitment, admissions, marketing, registration, financial aid, academic advising, mental health services, veteran’s affairs and other concerns.

“Josiah Litant’s role at the college has greatly expanded during his short time at MSC Southeast,” said Interim President Larry Lundblad. “His promotion to vice president is in recognition of the leadership he is providing in transforming student affairs and the larger role that he plays within the college as a member of the Interim President’s Cabinet.”

Litant, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in education from Hampshire College and a Master of Arts in education from Goddard College, moved from Massachusetts to Minnesota and joined MSCSE in 2018.

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The position of vice president of student affairs is a new one at the college, and Litant is glad to see the position created and eager to take on the responsibility of the role.

Opening this new position “puts student affairs on the same footing as finance, administration, and academic affairs,” Litant said. “It raises the level of importance in how the college views the holistic experience. As we think about how to support students both inside and outside the classroom, our academic affairs and student affairs have to work hand-in-hand.”

Litant said his focus at the college has been on trying to find and understand all the ways that he and the college can support students in their academic pursuits. He said that means helping students inside the classroom, outside the classroom, and outside the college.

“My vision since I arrived at the institution is to keep growing the ways we are creating support services for our students to help ensure their success,” he said. “We are going to keep heading that direction as part of the president’s strategic priorities, and one of the terrific benefits in being a small school is we really have the ability to impact our students a lot on a very personal and individual level.”