ELLSWORTH — School district facilities will remain closed for instruction until June 30 but the Panther Kids Club will resume July 1 at Ellsworth Elementary School.

Limitations will be placed on how PKC traditionally operates, however. There will be a cap of 40 students who may attend at any given time. Priority on which students can attend will be based on parent employment and those that attend for the full eight-hour day. Staffing availability is currently limiting capacity levels and the hours of operation.

“We currently have only six staff members,” Ellsworth Elementary School Principal John Groh said.

“If we see a higher demand for the service, then we can look into increasing our staff to accommodate an adequate student-staff ratio,” Superintendent Barry Cain added.

Children from kindergarten through sixth grade can attend PKC. The current staff-to-student ratio allows for four classrooms to be used. Each classroom will have the same staff and students every day. Staff and students will not be allowed to cross over to other classrooms in an effort to limit interaction with others. Classrooms will be limited to 10 students.

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Students must enter the building at the main entrance, where a staff member will conduct a temperature check and screening. If children become sick while in attendance, they will be isolated under supervision and will need to be picked up within one hour of a parent being notified.

Staff will be required to wear masks but students will not be. Tables, chairs and toys will be cleaned daily.

Registration for PKC begins June 10 and will remain open until capacity is reached.