HUDSON -- With school grounds set to open for summer school July 6, the district is also beginning to open some of its facilities to the community at large.

The Hudson School Board voted Monday, June 8, to open school spaces, including the pool and gyms, to the public starting July 6. The fitness center will open only to students on that date. The spaces will not be open for competitions.

Board member Sue Kattas voted against the opening.

“I’m still kind of nervous because there’s too many 'whatevers' for me here,” she said.

The spaces will be regulated at the discretion of the administration to interpret social distancing and other safety guidelines. Restrictions will likely depend on the individual space. Different facilities will have different caps, Superintendent Nick Ouellette said.

Board member Carrie Whitacre said she’d like to revisit opening the fitness center to community use at a later date, depending on what is seen in ensuing weeks.

Ouellette said COVID-related decisions moving forward will be made by the board and administration. St. Croix County public health will provide guidance, but will not be approving plans.

In other news:

  • The district has emailed all those initially signed up for summer school, asking if they still plan on attending. Of the about half who have responded, 75% are interested, Chief Academic Officer Dave Grambow said. Of those no longer attending, Grmbow said about 60% of those said this is due to COVID-19 concerns.

Ouellette said the responses were about what they were expecting.

  • In-person graduation seems like it will no longer be an option, Ouellette said. Now that the virtual commencement is complete, the district is planning a time for graduates to come to the school for a photo opportunity. About 30 families would be scheduled per hour to come. The stage would be fully set up, students’ names would be called and they would receive a diploma cover before having opportunities for photos.