SOMERSET -- St. Anne Catholic School will hold traditional, full-time classes this fall.

School administrators announced Tuesday that they plan to return to the customary hours and schedule that existed before the pandemic. Per the Education Committee, “St. Anne Catholic School plans to re-open in the fall for what we do best— traditional, face-to-face teaching and learning.”

Anne Catholic School is in an excellent position to reopen due to its small class sizes (in terms of the number of students) and large-size classrooms, allowing the school to maintain social distancing guidelines. Besides promoting a healthier and potentially safer environment in these unusual circumstances, small class sizes enhance teaching and learning in general, the school noted in a news release.

The smaller-scale footprint of the building is also a manageable setting for the custodial team to comply with the comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting routine as recommended by the Department of Health. The Education Committee approved a further safety measure by limiting enrollment to 12 students per grade (K-8) for the upcoming school year. Two grade levels slightly exceeded that number last year; therefore, if those students re-register, they will be grandfathered in, and social distancing will not be affected.

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