HUDSON -- With schools closed and in-person competitions canceled due to the pandemic, quiz bowls were another activity looking for creative solutions.

National Academic Quiz Tournaments held an online tournament called “Buzzword,” that allowed students to compete remotely online. Hudson High School student Emily Dress was the top scorer in Wisconsin for the high school division.

‘It’s really cool because you’re not only competing with people in your area, but also everyone around the world,” Dress said.

Rather than working as teams, as usual, this competition was individual.

“There’s no teamwork,” Dress said. “It’s completely individual, which is a huge game-changer.”

In regular competitions, teammates consult with one another. Typically teams are stacked, with different members serving as experts in different subjects.

“In this one you have to be more well-rounded,” Dress said.

Dress loves anatomy, and often does well on those questions. Without teammates, she’s also learned she does well with literature questions.

“You get to go into categories that you wouldn’t usually consider yourself good at,” she said.

Dress said it was nice to have the online competition, since nationals could no longer be held. She first went to nationals her freshman year, and Hudson had a good chance of qualifying this year.

“So it was a pretty big bummer that we weren’t able to do that,” she said.

Dress, who will be a senior in the fall, has been involved with quiz bowl since her freshman year.

“I was a pretty huge fan of 'Jeopardy' when I was younger, and they sort of advertised quizbowl as it’s a bit like 'Jeopardy,'” she said.