Scott Farmer

Family: Wife Connie (22 years) teaches AP Chem at Wausau East; Wade (20 years old, UWEC); Brett (18 yrs old, UWEC)

Position: AD/AP at NR High School

Education: Bachelors--University of Wisconsin-Platteville; Masters: Marian

Work experience: 21 years P.E. teacher, three years elementary principal, 23 years baseball coach (14 years head), nine years football coach, three years basketball coach, and three years baseball coach at UW-Platteville

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Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Playing baseball still!! Hanging out with family & friends at the cottage.

Favorite subject in school? PE!! Stay active!!

How were you inspired to teach? By a college prof who thought with my background and experiences I would be able to help students succeed.

Ryan Subera

Family: Rachel (wife)

Position: NR High School Social Studies teacher

Education: Bachelor of Science in Broad Field Social Studies and History--UWRF

Work experience: Social Studies teacher and football coach at Frederic School District; RA and assistant complex director at UWRF Residence Life; gravestone installer at Chippewa Monument Co.

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Fishing, kayaking, skiing, traveling, rock climbing, distance running

Favorite subject in school? History

How were you inspired to teach? For most of my K-12 education in the Chippewa Falls School District, school was a place and time where I felt supported, cared for, joyus, fulfilled and accomplished. I hope to give back those similar experiences to students, staff, and community members in New Richmond.

Hannah Nelson

Family: husband, Nick, and new chocolate lab puppy, Thor.

Position: second grade teacher at Paperjack Elementary

Education: BA Sociology/Anthropology St. Olaf College; M.Ed University of Minnesota in elementary education

Work experience: Student teacher in White Bear Lake, Minn.; 2017-2018 Minnesota Reading Corps in Maplewood, Minn.

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Spending time with family, crafting, playing with my puppy

Favorite subject in school? English

How were you inspired to teach? My mom was a teacher my whole life so I couldn’t have had a better role model for a great teacher.

Ashley Ellevold

Family: Husband, Tim; two sisters with families that live in the District

Position: second grade teacher at Starr Elementary

Education: 2002 Graduate of NRHS; UW Stout Early CHildhood Education w/art minor; K-12 reading certification -- St. Mary’s University

Work experience: four years kindergarten teacher at Unity Elementary, Balsam Lake; three years first grade teacher -- Inver Grove Heights, Minn.; five years second Grade Teacher--ISD 196 Rosemount, Minn.

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Anything outdoors -- hiking, canoeing, fishing, gardening

cooking, drawing/painting, time with family on their hobby farm

Favorite subject in school? Science and math -- love interesting things and ideas

How were you inspired to teach? Life-long learning, so many opportunities in the world and amazing things to learn about--want to share that passion with kids!

Ciara Anderson

Family: Married, currently looking for an animal to add to the family

Position: Speech Language Pathologist

Education: Undergrad at UW-Eau Claire; Graduate at UW-Stevens Point

Work experience: SLP at CESA 10 in Owen-Withee School District, working with three 18-year-olds

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Going to see live music (especially my husband’s!), reading , biking, cooking

Favorite subject in school? AP Psychology

How were you inspired to teach? Someone suggested I look into OT or SLP and I was SO excited about helping children communicate and build relationships.

Samantha Fleming

Family: Debbie (Mom), Mark (Dad), Josh (older brother), Daniel (younger brother)

Position: second grade teacher at Hillside Elementary

Education: Undergrad at UW-La Crosse (Early Childhood Education); Master’s UW La Crosse (Experiential Education)

Work experience: three years fifth grade in Sparta

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Playing tennis, volleyball, running, cooking, going hiking/camping

Favorite subject in school? Math

How were you inspired to teach? I’ve always been drawn to working with kids. All of my previous jobs dealt with kids (babysitting, coaching, Y watch, B&C club, teaching).

Noah Berger

Position: 6th Grade Science

Education: BS Biology Education and Broad Field Science--UW La Crosse; 2015 Graduate of NRHS

Work experience: Student Teaching--Onalaska (Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy); Westby Middle School (8th Grade Science)

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Anything outdoors. I love to spend time hunting, fishing, and hiking with my friends and family. I frequent the Boundary Waters Canoe Area about once or twice/year, enjoying the peace and serenity of the outdoors.

Favorite subject in school? Science--there’s only one answer!

How were you inspired to teach? The great teachers and mentors that I had growing up. I often reflected on what I wanted to do when I declared my major to teach. I thought about how the most influential people in my life had been my teachers. I knew that I wanted to do something to influence the community. There’s no better profession for this than teaching, because it’s truly the most rewarding job out there.

Mariah Leavens

Family: Husband Josh Leavens

Position: Early Childhood Special Education

Education: Bachelors--Early Childhood Education

Work experience: three years paraprofessional at Hillside Elementary

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Spending time with friends and family, traveling, shopping

Favorite subject in school? Reading

How were you inspired to teach? I always knew I wanted to be a teacher because growing up I had some amazing teachers who had a big impact on me. I strive to be like them.

Jordy Leisz

Position: Tech Ed Teacher

Education: Universal Technical Institute--Automotive & Diesel Certifications

Work experience: Automotive Experience/Chrysler Dealership, Heavy Duty Diesel Technician for Freightliner Dealership, Small Engines/Power Sports Tech for Polaris and BRP Dealership, 9 total in field Work experiences

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Fishing, working on my own project cars in the garage

Favorite subject in school? History

How were you inspired to teach? I come from a long line of teachers and I am passionate about passing down the skill set I have acquired from my time in the field to the next generation.

Abby Christensen

Family: Husband, Tim; children Kendra, Henrik, Ada and Joelle

Position: PE Teacher at Hillside & Starr

Education: Physical Education & School Health Education: University of Minnesota--Duluth; Masters in Education: St. Mary’s University; Adaptive Physical Education: UW Stevens Point

Work experience: seven years in Shakopee School District, six years in Somerset School District

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Time with my family! Reading, running and cheering my kids on.

Favorite subject in school? English

How were you inspired to teach? I have always enjoyed school and being a student. Teaching has been what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

Kieran DuHoux

Family: I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters

Position: 4th Grade Teacher

Education: BA, UW-River Falls--Elementary Education

Work experience: I taught English in Japan for USA Summer Camp for five years.

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Talking to my friends, playing video games, playing bagpipes

Favorite subject in school? Writing

How were you inspired to teach? I come from a long line of educators who pushed me to teach and I discovered my love for it while I was working with students in Japan.

Julia Rydberg

Family: Carol (Mom), Wayne (Dad)

Position: High School Social Studies Teacher (US & World History)

Education: BA Gustavus Adolphus College; M.Ed University of Minnesota

Work experience: Hudson High School

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Cooking, camping, being active and crocheting.

Favorite subject in school? Art

How were you inspired to teach? My professors who challenged and believed in me. They helped me find my passion for education.

Tiffany Lissick

Position: 7th Grade Science Teacher

Education: Bachelor of Science with Biology Emphasis in Broad Field Science Education--UW-River Falls

Work experience: Field experiences at Hastings High School and Life PREP Academy, Student taught at Viking Middle School (Baldwin-Woodville) and NRHS, Long-term Sub at Prescott, Taught overseas in Myanmar (Burma) as a volunteer in a remote, northern village

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: I enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, reading, and participating in personal and professional development opportunities.

Favorite subject in school? Science!

How were you inspired to teach? I teach because I want to help students discover their interests, fall in love with the world around them, and find a passion that will not only fulfill them, but also help them improve the world in which they live. I want to foster a love of learning, make science relatable, and help to show students not only their full potential, but also the immense impact they can make with that potential. I truly believe that the future of the world is in my classroom every day.

Leslie Seaton

Family: Husband, Kevin; Daughter, Lily (6), Son, Grant (3); Dog, Oliver

Position: 3rd Grade Teacher at Starr Elementary

Education: BS--Elementary Education, Howard Payne University in Brownwood, TX

Work experience: seven years second Grade in Brownwood, Texas, and 1 year--4th Grade in Sweetwater, Texas

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: I enjoy traveling, taking photos of my travels and my family, and exploring our new home state.

Favorite subject in school? English/language arts and theatre

How were you inspired to teach? Looking back, some of the most influential people in my life were my teachers. Knowing that I could have that kind of positive impact on a child’s life is what inspires me to teach.

Miranda Haack

Family: Mom/Dad in WI; Sister in CA

Position: 4th Grade Teacher at Starr Elementary

Education: K-11 at Spooner School District; 12th/graduated at Spring Valley; UW River Falls--Elementary Education with minor in reading & language arts

Work experience: second grade long-term substitute at Ellsworth and Osceola, Middle School ELA LTS at Osceola

Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Reading, puzzles, spending time with family and friends, nature walks, frisbee golf

Favorite subject in school? I loved learning about reading and writing, but I also love teaching math

How were you inspired to teach? I had great teachers, and loved helping others/tutoring in high school. Seeing the sparkle in somebody’s eye when they grasp a concept is one of my favorite things about teaching!