ELLSWORTH — The Ellsworth School Board took up the topic of substitute teacher pay during its Monday board meeting. Board member Gary Kressin questioned at a previous board meeting whether it would be worth taking a look at increasing substitute teacher pay in an effort to draw more interest toward the district.

Currently, Ellsworth is roughly in the median of area schools with a $120 per day compensation for substitutes. The only districts in the area that were higher were New Richmond at $140 per day and Hudson at $200 per day.

Once other district’s compensation rates were presented, board members decided not to act on increasing Ellsworth’s pay rate since it was determined doing so would have a minimal benefit.

“There just isn’t people available,” Ellsworth Superintendent Barry Cain said. “That issue of increasing the wages isn’t the issue, it’s a labor issue right now.”

Other news and notes

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  • Four high school courses were approved for name changes. Research and Development will change to Innovative Technologies, Robotics changes to Automation Technology, Communications Technology will change to Fab Lab Foundations, and Physics will become AP Physics. All changes were brought up to increase interest in the current course offerings.

  • The board briefly discussed the upcoming filing deadline for next spring’s election. Current members Steve Mark and Katie Feuerhelm have terms expiring next spring. The election is scheduled for April 6, 2021.