HAMMOND -- The Wisconsin Association of School Boards recognized Howard Kruschke for his 20 years of service as a St. Croix Central School Board member this week.

Kruschke will be honored at the 2021 State Education Convention this month.

He first joined the board in 1999, when he was appointed to fill an empty seat. He ran for reelection the following year and has been a part of the board ever since.

“It’s been quite an adventure,” Kruschke said.

Kruschke, the current board president, has been active with other community organizations in addition elected office, and said he has always had a desire to serve the community.

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“This is the role that I’ve kind of fallen in love with, that I feel like I can contribute, and contribute to the education of our youth and get everybody into a position where they can do the best for themselves in the future.”

During his 20-plus years, Kruschke said he was proud that the district made strides in academic performance, from average to superior.

“I think we’re offering a very good program. I’m proud of the fact that I believe our district is very well respected by other districts across the area and the state. It's one of the districts now that people want to come to, to have their kids educated,” he said.

The district also built and opened its auditorium.

“We’ve been able to accomplish that mission and we built a brand new, wonderful auditorium,” Kruschke said.

Superintendent Tim Widiker congratulated Kruschke on his dedicated service.

“During his tenure, Howard has been steadfast in his commitment to continual improvement, especially in academic achievement,” Widiker said. “Under Howard's leadership, the board has demonstrated outstanding governance, continual alignment to our vision and mission, and decisions aligned to what is best for our students.”

Kruschke hopes to remain a part of the board for the foreseeable future, and will be on the spring election ballot.