• Founder Kai Rodgers says, “There’s a lot of misnomer out there about Montessori because people think it’s a free for all, when they hear the word 'freedom' but really it’s not a free for all, it’s a lot of freedom with responsibilities.”

  • The focus is hands-on learning because Montessori education believes that children learn by using their hands.

  • When Red Cottage becomes a charter school, the plan is to grow into an 18-month to eighth-grade program in about six years; the timeframe may be longer or shorter.

  • The kindergarten through grade 8 portion of the school will be tuition-free. Preschool will remain a tuition-based program.

  • Red Cottage employees and board members realize that not everyone will want to participate in the new charter school. Rodgers explained, “I believe that Montessori is for every child but it may not be for every parent.”

  • For more information about Red Cottage Montessori or to follow its process of becoming a charter school, visit: www.redcottagemontessori.org.

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