Would you know what to do if someone got hurt in the wild?

The Red Wing Environmental Learning Center is teaming up with YMCA Camp Pepin, Wilderness Medical Associates and Global Emergency Medics to offer a Wilderness First Responder Course and Wilderness First Responder Open Recertification.

“The wilderness first responder course is the industry gold standard in wilderness medical training,” said Jason Jech, executive director of the Red Wing ELC. “Our Red Wing ELC staff have been certified as WFR’s for 20 years or more. Through our 51 years of programming, the ELC has provided training, but not a certification to our Junior Instructors.”

Jech said the curriculum for the training is comprehensive and practical and contains all the essential skills to assess and manage medical problems and emergencies in isolated and extreme environments.

“Having the skills and knowhow to treat injuries is critical,” Jech said, “but knowing how to identify and prevent injury is an even greater skill that our staff and junior instructors have demonstrated well over the years.”

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Two classes will be offered, both at the YMCA Camp Pepin near Stockholm, Wis. The first is a Wilderness First Responder - WFR - course based on 25 hours of training over five days from April 6-10. The second is the WFR Open Recertification course for graduates of wilderness-based first aid training courses of 64 hours or more and will be held April 12-14.

Instructors will be from Global Emergency Medics -- globalemergencymedics.com -- and the certifying organization will be Wilderness Medical Associates -- https://www.wildmed.com.

Anyone wanting to register or obtain more information should click on the Wilderness First Responders tab on the ELC website - www.redwingelc.com - or contact Jech at 651-388-7339 or by email at rwelcjason@gmail.com.

“This is truly an amazing emergency medicine training program, and I highly recommend it,” Jech said.