HAMMOND -- A Thursday night house fire at 1075 Ridgeway St. in Hammond left three people, a husband and wife and their daughter, with an unlivable home.

“The owner, his wife and their daughter were at home at the time of the fire. They got out right away. Right now, we are leaning toward the cause being an electrical issue, but it is still under investigation,” said United Fire Hammond Station Fire Chief Andy Jensen.

The fire started at 10:16 p.m. Feb. 7 and took about 4.5 hours to get under control. The property, according to St. Croix County property records, is owned by Joel Clark.

“It took a long time to gain access to the attic. It was an older home in town and it wasn’t very easy to get into the attic space. There were several different roof lines coming together and the fire got into three different sections of the attic,” Jensen said. “It was just a stubborn fire. It was hard to get at and the access was the main problem."

According to Jensen, the fire badly damaged the roof.

“The attic and roof area of the house was pretty heavily damaged from the fire, and a lot of water and smoke damage throughout the rest of the house. It is not liveable at this time,” Jensen said. “The snowy conditions weren’t an issue for the firefighters, but the cold didn’t help the situation.”

All three stations of the United Fire Department were called in for the fire, along with an engine company from the Hudson and the River Falls departments. An engine company from New Richmond was moved down to the Hammond station to cover any calls that came in while the main crews were fighting the fire in Hammond.