Two Pierce County school districts had referendums on the ballot this election day. The polls are now closed and the unofficial election results are in for not only those referendum questions, but Pierce County Board and other village, town and school boards across the county.

Unofficial election results are listed here for referendum questions and contested races.

Incumbents are marked with an (i). Winners are denoted with a *.

Ellsworth School District referendum

The Ellsworth Community School District referendum was seeking voter approval for the construction of one elementary school to house all of the district’s elementary students at a cost not to exceed $31.9 million.

*Yes: 2,189

No: 1,867

"We're so thankful and proud of our community today! This is history in the making; the ripple effects of this decision will be far reaching and felt for many years. We can't help but think about the young lives that will be changed because of this community's commitment to our district's children, teachers and school. Every supporter of this effort can be proud to have shared a part in this," said a representative from the YES Committee (Community for Ellsworth Area Kids).

Spring Valley School District referendum

A four-year non-recurring facility maintenance and repair referendum for $800,000 per year was proposed for Spring Valley School District voters.

*Yes: 836

No: 499

These results were given as of 11:12 p.m., while still waiting for the Town of Lucas and Wilson voters to weigh in.

Village of Bay City

Trustee 2

*Norman D. Baker: 78

Jerry Enevold (i): 60

Village of Maiden Rock


Terry Hettenbach: 22

* Pamela Hinrichs (i): 34

Town of Oak Grove

Supervisor Seat 4

* Debra McClure (i): 338

Bill Parks: 234

Write-in: 4

Town of Trenton

Supervisor Seat 3

Syd Hardy: 297

*Herbert Oberg (i): 377

Supervisor Seat 4

Randall John Christensen (i): 280

*Randy Trok: 406

Pierce County Board

District 9 Supervisor

Steve Pernsteiner: 274

*Ken Snow (i): 405

Write-in: 2

District 11 Supervisor

*Neil Gulbranson: 574

Brian P. O’Connell (i): 202

Write-in: 1