Rosemount High School teacher and head football coach Jeff Erdmann has announced his run for Minnesota's 2nd District.

Erdmann will run as a Democrat against Republican incumbent Jason Lewis in the 2018 election.

"I never thought I would be running for Congress," Erdmann said in his May 24 announcement. "After seeing the behavior of our politicians, especially Jason Lewis, I realized that if working Americans want proper representation, then working Americans like myself need to run for office."

A native of Lewistown in Minnesota's southeastern corner, Erdmann said he will prioritize rural and working Americans and challenge political polarization.

"I know from teaching American Government for 27 years to all walks of life, that whether we're Democrat or Republican, there is more that unites us than divides us," Erdmann said. "I look forward to meeting with everyone, and taking their challenges head on, to give our community more opportunity."

A father of three, Erdmann has received multiple recognitions for his work coaching Rosemount High School football, including the 2010 Minnesota Vikings High School Coach of the Year award and the 2015 Semper Fi Coach of the Year for Minnesota by the Marines.

Although Republicans have represented Minnesota's 2nd congressional district since 2001, it is a politically mixed region.

Lewis narrowly defeated Democratic opponent Angie Craig by about 2 percent of the vote during national elections November 2016, with presidential votes between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton split 45 percent by 46 percent.