At its meeting Wednesday, Aug. 2, Star Prairie Village Board trustees discussed village policy with regard to how long residents should be given to repair leaking water service laterals on their property once a problem is discovered.

"The biggest question we had with this broken water line is, that we didn't know where we stood on what the village's policy is regarding the timeframe in which we have to fix it. It's our water loss coming in before it gets to a house, it's not metered. In the past, when this has happened, we've haven't contacted the homeowner and just called the (repair) company, fixed it and billed the owner," said President Chad Peterson.

Village Attorney Tim Scott pointed out these are typically time sensitive issues where the longer the water is leaking the more expensive the fix can become.

With no clear statute in place, trustees agreed to notify owners in writing when a leak is discovered and give them 10 days to repair the leak. Appreciating that each situation can be unique, they also agreed to consider each situation on a case-by-case basis going forward.

Trustees reviewed a proposal for $9,680 from TPC Telemetry and Process Controls, Inc. to add a digital repeater to the water tower and upgrade existing radio transceivers between the WWTP Blower Building, Lift Station and Well House Building. The fixes should resolve problems with false alarms due to unreliable radio communications within the system.

Approval of TPC's proposal will be contingent upon an agreeable revision of the contract terms pertaining to limitation of liability and a disclaimer as negotiated with Scott.

"We'll see if it's a deal breaker and if it is, we'll see what you want to do. You can approve this based on reaching an acceptable agreement about those final two paragraphs and if not, then it comes back to the board and we talk about it again next month," suggested Scott.

Other business

• Trustees renewed Lisa Meyer's 2018-2019 Assessor proposal for $4,300.

• Trustees approved the bid of $475 from Skifstad Electric to install bathroom lights, motion detectors and floodlight photo eye sensors at the River Island Park public bathrooms.

• Trustees set a date of 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23 to hold a special meeting to assess reports of storm damage from the June 11 hailstorm.

• Following approval by the Highway 64 Coalition and additions requested by the DNR, trustees approved a Stormwater Management Master Plan.