Friday, Oct. 13, was the start of the 2018 gubernatorial race for the next Minnesota governor. Throughout the state, farmers invited candidates to take a look at what goes into the harvest season, as well as discussing the importance of building relationships and modern farming practices.

During the next few weeks, farmers will elaborate on their commitment to conservation and the economic impact of agriculture, not only in rural areas but in urban communities, too.

A major issue right now, Cannon Falls farmer Les Anderson mentioned, was the simple fact that generations are proving to become more and more disconnected with agriculture.

"You have some connection with farming, but a lot of people don't," Anderson said to state Rep. Erin Murphy. "As long as the food shelves are full no one really thinks about it."

Anderson noted that the Minnesota Corn Growers Association sends out surveys to local residents, asking questions about agriculture - one stated about 65 percent of people have no connection with farming.

In response, Murphy wants to continue putting the spotlight back on farming.

"I think we should use all the opportunities we have to bridge those divisions."

Corn farmers hope the visits plant the seed to encourage the next governor of Minnesota to make future policy discussions based on science and research, while continuing to focus on the impact that corn growers have in the state.