More than $750,000 will be tacked onto next year's taxes for Woodbury property owners with unpaid utility bills.

The total amount combined delinquent payments from 1,116 parcels throughout Woodbury, ranging from under $100 to more than $8,700.

City council members voted Nov. 8 to certify the total amount to the Washington County auditor, whose office will collect what each parcel owes.

The statements for each parcel will also include a 3 percent fee to offset the time city staff dedicated to the review and certification process.

The fee, according to a city memo, generated $22,192 of the $757,394.02 total.

That total represents unpaid bills over the span of two years.

Although the city typically reviews utility bill delinquencies each year, the city skipped 2016, citing medical leaves and high staff turnover.

Woodbury property owners racked up an average of about $329,316 in unpaid utilities between 2011 and 2015. The total amount split between 2016 and 2017 is about $378,697.

The city also certified $2,649 in delinquent payments to the Ramsey County auditor for three parcels in Maplewood, which receive Woodbury utility services.

The 3 percent fee will at $79 to the payments for a $2,729 total.

Owners of five Maplewood parcels with missing payments paid $2,386 in 2015.

As with Woodbury, city staff submitted no certifications to Ramsey County in 2016 due to staffing issues.