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New skating rink approved for Prescott

The Prescott City Council unanimously decided to purchase ice skating rink for St. Croix Bluffs Park at the Dec. 11 Prescott City Council Meeting.

Prescott Parks Committee Chairman Jack Hoschette spoke about the city purchasing an ice skating rink for St. Croix Bluffs Park. The $5,900 cost of the rink would come from the parks impact fee account, he said.

Prescott City Administrator Jayne Brand said in previous years Prescott had an ice rink on the stormwater holding pond at Linn and St. Croix streets. However, the pond was not always easy to prepare for skating, she said.

"The last several winters it has been hard to get the rink ready for skating," Brand said.

Other communities have been using Ez-Ice Rink for their skating areas so Prescott looked into that as a possibility. The Ez-Ice Rink has plastic around the outside and a plastic liner.

"The plastic liner will hold the water and should make it easier for the ice to freeze," Brand said.

Since Brand said in previous years community members had asked for a skating rink at St. Croix Bluffs Park, it was decided to install the new rink there, but the city will also flood the rink on Linn and St. Croix streets to make a skating rink.

Hoschette said the new rink will need to be cleared of snow and the hope is the neighborhood will help with that.

The board approved the purchase of the new ice rink using the parks impact fee account with no negative voice vote.

Council members also approved the purchase of new election equipment (cost $8.035.33) and a service maintenance contract (cost $1,560) from Election System & Software.

Brand said they are unable to continue using the current equipment and have to replace the equipment as will many other municipalities in Pierce County.

"The Wisconsin State Election Board has decertified the equipment we are currently using," Brand said.

Residents voiced their concern at the meeting about a proposed public bus service in Prescott.

Julie Fiedler, resident on Campbell street, said she believes a taxi service in Prescott would be more beneficial than a bus service, since it may be difficult to walk to bus stops depending where upon location.

Previously, Brand said, Prescott did have a taxi service (called Crabby Cabby) but the service mainly catered to the late night bar crowd and is no longer in business.

Steve Burt, resident on Vine street, said he has no problem with the bus service as long as it is not being paid by taxpayer funding.

Brand said surveys are still being collected until Dec. 20 on having a bus service in Prescott. Once surveys are collected they will be compiled and provided to City Council and a third party looking to provide the bus service.

Prescott, Brand said, is also looking into state and federal government funding for public transportation to help reduce the cost of the service for seniors.

Other business

The board also approved a 2.5 percent increase to trash and recycling collector P.I.G. which will increase the cost for a 35-gallon container from $9.06 to $9.09, 65-gallon container from $10.65 to $10.92, 95-gallon container from $14.48 to $14.84 and recycling container from $3.01 to $3.09.