When Patty Schachtner beat Rep. Adam Jarchow Tuesday, she flipped a Republican-held district to Democratic for the first time in 17 years.

The Somerset woman garnered 55 percent of the vote in the Senate district held since 2000 by Sheila Harsdorf, who vacated the seat after being appointed to fellow Republican Gov. Scott Walker's Cabinet.

Jarchow, a Balsam Lake Republican, received 44 percent of the vote. In spite of questions whether some ideological overlap between Libertarian candidate Brian Corriea and Jarchow might affect the outcome, the numbers didn't bear it out: the Wilson man only received 1.2 percent of the vote.

Analysis of the election returns reveals Schachtner won the 10th Senate District's biggest population centers and was competitive, if not victorious, in many of the district's rural communities.

St. Croix

Here, the totals mirrored the Senate District, with Schachtner capturing 55 percent of the vote. She nearly recorded a clean sweep in St. Croix County's cities, losing only the least populous one - Glenwood City - to Jarchow. Hudson, North Hudson and the town of Hudson all went for Schachtner; she didn't draw less than 59 percent in any of the city's precincts. Schachtner was victorious in New Richmond, winning 65-34 percent and drew 64 percent in River Falls. Whereas Jarchow was strong in other rural areas of the district, he was less dominant in St. Croix, capturing just 11 of the county's 20 townships.


In his home county, Jarchow was dominant in the December GOP primary against Rep. Shannon Zimmerman of River Falls, grabbing 77 percent of the vote. Jarchow's dominance - he won every single ward - in Polk County was the difference maker that led him to a 56-44 percent primary victory after Zimmerman was ahead among the other four counties.

Jarchow won Polk Tuesday against Schachtner, but was less dominant, winning 51 to 47 percent. Schachtner won larger communities like Amery, St. Croix Falls and Osceola that all went Jarchow's way in the primary.


Schachtner was dominant here, winning 68 percent of the vote, thanks to wide victory margins in Menomonie and the town of Menomonie. It was a county Zimmerman won in the primary over Jarchow.


Schachtner received 72 percent support in Pierce County. River Falls is split between Pierce and St. Croix counties. She carried River Falls with ease in Pierce County, receiving 72 percent support between the city and the neighboring town of River Falls.


Jarchow won this, the district's smallest county, with 58 percent support. He ran the table in Burnett County, winning every town and village.