Hammond Lions Club representative Wally Graf took time to catch trustees up on revisions to this summer's Heartland Days Celebration at the Hammond Village Board meeting Monday, Jan, 29.

The biggest change will see the festival lose Thursday from the schedule to become a three-day celebration running from Friday to Sunday. The other big news is many of the scheduled events will be moving to the tractor pull pad just south of town west of County Road T. Graf admitted at least part of the reasoning for the shorter schedule and downsized music calendar was a lack of manpower and the money being lost by the Club.

"The people power we have. We're getting to be an older club although we have a lot of new members which is really exciting for the Lions. We just don't have the people to separate into two areas. Also, there will be no big tents and no big bands this year because we lose so much money doing that. We're trying to get away from some of that big expense. The big tent with free music to sell refreshment doesn't go any more. Last year we had decent music and we had 50 people in the tent," said Graf.

During a closed session at the meeting Monday night, trustees accepted the resignation of Public Works employee Rich Cronk. Following his exit interview, the trustees thanked Cronk for his service and announced they would pay his vacation and comp time. Cronk's vacated position will be advertised for two weeks

Other business

• Trustees decided not to designate an official newspaper and saved a little money in the process. Notices required to be published by law will be decided as they arise while all others will be posted at the usual places around town and on the Village website.

• Trustees approved a bid for $35,000 to resurface US Highway 12 through town. The project is not scheduled to begin until 2021, however approving the contract with the State will lock in the price.