The Hudson Inclusion Alliance has proposed that the city of Hudson join the National League of Cities, and has offered to pay for its membership for the first year.

The proposal was submitted to the city at the end of January, and Alliance member Tony Bol spoke on the subject during the council meeting on Monday, Feb. 5.

"One way to help our leaders, is to offer networking opportunities and to learn from other city leaders," the submitted proposal said. "The National League of Cities (NLC) is one such resource."

The league defines itself as a resource for cities and their leaders.

Bol said the league provides many benefits to its members, including a racial equity and leadership (REAL) program. This program helps cities that struggle with diversity, with programs where people can learn from each other and staff in D.C. as a resource.

"That's a program we care about," Bol said.

The city, Bol said, is part of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, a subset of the NLC.

The $1,500 membership fee was raised by donations from community members.

"We believe so strongly in this proposal that our members have made small contributions and are willing to pay for the first year," the submission said.

Council member Joyce Hall requested the offer be added to a future agenda.