Hastings City Council approved contract terms for its next city administrator on Monday night.

Dan Wietecha, the township superintendent of Bath, Mich., will receive a roughly $130,000 salary in his first year. He will start Oct. 7.

"We started out at the beginning of the year saying we weren't going to rush through the process ... it was a deliberate one," Hastings City Council member Lori Braucks said. "We feel we are recommending a great candidate, somebody who is going to work very hard on behalf of the City of Hastings."

The employment agreement is effective until the city or Wietecha terminates it and includes various other standard benefits, per the agreement. His salary would increase annually, assuming he passes his performance checks.

Interim City Administrator Julie Flaten has filled the position throughout the search.

Wietecha was one of four finalists for the position and two interviewed.

In his July interview he emphasized his experience working with various government boards and said he was impressed by Hastings' "core values." He fills a position that has been open since previous administrator Melanie Mesko Lee resigned in November for the city manager position in Burnsville, Minn.

Wietecha beat out Falcon Heights City Administrator Sack Thongvanh, the other interviewed candidate. Two other candidates — Aaron Reeves, city administrator of Cloquet, Minn.; and Tom Sorel, former Minnesota Department of Transportation commissioner and current vice president of engineering consulting company WSP USA — removed themselves from the running ahead of Saturday’s interviews.