The Pierce County Board of supervisors met March 27 to vote on the future of the former Lindgren school building, salary adjustments for the clerk of court and sheriff, and a temporary administrative coordinator.

The board approved Pierce County Chief Deputy Jason Matthys as the temporary administrative coordinator as current Administrative Coordinator JoAnn Miller will be retiring on April 6.

"I can tell you Jason Matthys was designated as temporary AC [administrative coordinator] until the board either appoints another temp or the permanent position, however long that takes," said Pierce County Clerk Jamie Feuerhelm. "The Finance and Personnel Committee is considering a revised job description for the AC at their April 2 meeting. If that is approved then the search would follow. This could take a few weeks or a few months. My estimation would lean towards the later."

Miller said she will be retiring after serving about six years as the administrative coordinator in Pierce County.

"It's been a pleasure to serve the supervisors and citizens of Pierce County," Miller said.

Pierce County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff Holst thanked Miller for her years of service and wished her well in her future.

The board also approved the salary increases for the clerk of court and the sheriff.

The clerk of court 2018 salary will be adjusted from $59,605 to $64,228 and then will have a 1.25 percent increase each year through 2022. The future adjusted salaries for the clerk will be $65,031 in 2019,$65,844 in 2020, $66,667 in 2021 and in $67,500 in 2022.

The sheriff's 2018 salary will be adjusted to $84,158 from $79,110 and will also see a 1.25 percent increase each year through 2022. The sheriff's future adjusted salaries will be $85,210 in 2019,$86,275 in 2020, $87,353 in 2021 and $88,445 in 2022.

The Finance & Personnel Committee requested information on what other counties had as salaries for these positions.

The 2018 salary for the Dunn County clerk of court is $62,506, Pepin is $52,228, St. Croix is $70,005, Barron is $70,578, Buffalo is $54,172, Chippewa is $72,612, Eau Claire is $73,197 and Polk is $58,531. The overall average of the counties is $64,228 and Pierce County was at $59,605 before the board approved raising the 2018 salary to the overall average of the counties listed.

The F&P Committee also looked at the sheriff's salary in different counties and found Pierce County was below the average. Sheriff's salaries in neighboring counties for 2018 include Dunn County at $87,195, Pepin at $68,193, St. Croix at $92,001, Barron at $85,801, Buffalo at $66,220, Chippewa at $87,543, Eau Claire at $97,771, and Polk at $88,542. The overall average of the listed counties was $84,158. Before the board approved increasing the 2018 salary for the sheriff, Pierce County was paying a sheriff salary of $79,110; the board voted to raise this to the overall average of the other counties listed.

"It is recommended that Pierce County remain competitive in its salaries in order to attract the appropriate qualified candidates to run," stated the minutes from the Feb. 5, 2018, Pierce County F&P Committee meeting.

The board also approved the rezoning of the old Lindgren school to commercial use. Hager City Glass wants to relocate their operation to the site as long as the property was rezoned to commercial.

Per minutes from the Land Management Committee meeting, "Hager City Glass has outgrown their current facility and would like to move to this new location, but needs the property to be zoned commercial to operate their business (general retail and services)."