WASHINGTON COUNTY - Washington County Attorney Peter J. Oprut will run for another four-year term in November.

"I feel like made some pretty good strides toward public safety but I have some more opportunities," he said April 9. "I really want to pursue some more programs and some more ideas. If the public will give me another opportunity to keep performing, I'd like to have it."

Orput said he wants to expand the major crimes unit, which investigates sex trafficking, and bring more resources to bear in monitoring the online buying and selling of humans for sex. He said he also would like to provide more protection for victims of domestic abuse. The opioid epidemic is also on his radar.

"I really want to get on top of this drug crises," he added. "I feel like I can't walk away right now."

Orput served in the United States Marine Corps from 1973-1976 and taught high school before earning his law degree in 1988. His previous positions include service as Deputy Minnesota Attorney General (Public Protection Section, including Criminal Prosecution, Criminal Appeals, and Public Safety Divisions), Director of Policy and Legal Services with the Minnesota Department of Corrections and as a prosecutor in Washington and Hennepin counties. He has served as the Washington County Attorney for the past eight years.