Dennis Paulaha, a Ph.D. economist, announced his candidacy for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District.

"The most important question the 2018 elections have to answer is: Are Americans willing to let bigotry, prejudice, anti-government dogma, and limited-freedom rhetoric tear our country apart, or are they going to stand up for what America is supposed to be?" Paulaha said.

According to Paulaha, who has lived in Hudson for 23 years, "The only ones who are going to benefit from the 'Make America Great Again' tax cut and the Republican destruction of government are a few rich people and the Russians, who will have a weaker enemy."

Asked what he sees as today's most important issues, he said, "Single-payer health care, controlling climate change, better regulations on guns, and stopping Republican attacks on public education. They're not just people issues, they're economic issues, and if we get them right, we can lay the foundation for the greatest period of economic growth in our history."

Paulaha wrote a book to help Democrats win elections by showing what's wrong with Republican ideas. Then he decided to run himself instead of hoping others will do what he knows should be done. The book is free to read on his website.

Paulaha earned B.S. and M.A. degrees in economics from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington. As a college and university professor, he taught macroeconomic and microeconomic theory at the principles, intermediate, advanced and graduate level, monetary theory and policy, environmental economics, and special issues courses. In the real world, he wrote investment newsletters with as many as 70,000 paid

subscribers and was vice president of research and marketing for a national brokerage firm. He has been interviewed by magazines and newspapers and appeared on television and radio programs discussing his books.

For more information on Paulaha, call his office at 715-386-6578, send an email to or visit