If you feel like there are more mosquitoes every time you go outside - you may be right.

The experts say there are quite a few more mosquitoes making life miserable for Wisconsin residents than last year at this time. They're moving in from other states. The April snowfall and the heavy rains this summer have created a lot of standing water. It's also warmer, making this part of the country more welcoming to the southern visitors. Scientists say there are about 60 different types of mosquitoes living in Wisconsin right now.


Community garden providing fresh food for UW-Eau Claire students

A number of college students in Western Wisconsin are eating healthier thanks to a community garden that is providing fresh, nutritious food for UW-Eau Claire students.

The library staff began planting the McIntyre Library Community Garden this spring at the Forest Street Community Garden in downtown Eau Claire. Organizers say the program is an effort to create a collaborative community and to harvest produce for the university's Campus Harvest Food Pantry. Library staff donated the supplies, plants, and seeds used for the garden, which includes vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Any student enrolled at UW-Eau Claire qualifies for the food pantry.


Madison’s Soglin announces he won’t run again for mayor

Democrat Paul Soglin says he won't seek re-election as Madison's mayor in 2019.

Soglin says he made Tuesday's announcement to reaffirm to Wisconsin voters his commitment to the governor's race. He says even if he wasn't running for governor, this would still be his last term. He served as the capital city's mayor from 1989-to-1997, then ran again and has held the office since winning in 2011. Soglin didn't speculate about his future if he isn't elected governor. The Democratic primary is coming up Aug. 14.


OWI-fifth suspect allegedly battles cops

Clark County deputies say a 49-year-old man they arrested for fifth-offense drunken driving fought them for several minutes before he was brought under control.

Spike strips were used to stop the car Kyle Wendt was driving and deputies say he fought them so fiercely they had to use a Taser. Wendt drove over two sets of spike strips before his truck was disabled enough he was forced to stop. The incident began Monday at about 6:15 p.m. in Spencer.


Western Wis. fair housing study commissioned

City and county officials in western Wisconsin are said to be preparing a fair housing study for La Crosse and Monroe counties.

A Tuesday night public meeting was held in La Crosse to get input on the area's housing situation. The last official study was done in 2009, but officials say they know housing has changed significantly in the ensuing nine years. The study will check to see if everyone in the two counties has similar housing choice, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, religion, whether they have children, or whether they are disabled.


Democratic convention site selection committee to visit Milwaukee

Milwaukee officials will step up to the plate in August when members of the Democratic National Party's site selection committee visit Beer City.

DNC chairman Tom Perez reportedly called Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to let him know about the important visit. Milwaukee is one of three finalists for the convention, along with Houston and Miami Beach. The winning city can expect 50,000  visitors over a four-day period in July 2020 and the convention could have a $200 million economic impact. The final decision will be announced later this year or early next year.


Chippewa County wants to improve courthouse security

Deputies say inmates who are brought to the Chippewa County courthouse have been acting out and security needs to be improved.

A committee has approved a resolution to allow the sheriff's office to place a full-time deputy at the courthouse. Judge Steven Cray says it's just luck that there hasn't been a serious incident yet. Chippewa County Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk says a lack of funding has stopped this move in the past. The resolution must make it through one more committee, then the county board will have to give its final approval.