Marilyn Olson resigned from the Human Rights Commission, effective immediately, at the group's July 20 workshop, citing health concerns relating to herself and her husband.

Olson wrote a letter, which she read aloud to the group at the beginning of the meeting, expressing her joy to be on the commission. Olson said she vowed to protect the rights of all humans, continuing to say that being a part of commission has helped her do so.

"I wish I could remain a part of it, however certain senses dictate otherwise," Olson said with tears in her eyes. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been of service to the city of Red Wing over the years and I will miss being able to contribute."

After the reading of the letter, Chair Mark Ryan thanked Olson for her years of service, saying her presence on the commission has "been strong and plentiful over a long period of time."

Commissioner Beth Breeden thanked Olson for her "inspiration" and described her as a mother figure in her life.