Injured former Red Wing Mayor John Howe is back on the campaign trail.

The former state senator and his campaign manager, Tim Droogsma, were hurt as a parade concluded in Carver on Sept. 9. The candidate for secretary of state candidate was riding with others on the back of a trailer during a parade and said the conditions were ideal; the parade route was perfectly normal.

As the parade ended, the person driving the tractor-trailer lost control, driving upwards of 18 mph.

Howe and Droogsma were standing near the trailer hitch and fell off. Howe hit his head, as Droogsma was caught underneath the runaway trailer until it hit a curb.

In a phone interview Sept. 11, Howe said he got up to try and help Droogsma, looking at a large pooling of blood near Droogsma. Only to realize that it was coming from a large cut on the back of his own head.

"We're still so very fortunate it could've been so much worse," Howe said.

Howe was treated and released from the hospital that same day, with 14 staples placed in the back of his head. Howe was told by doctors the area should heal well, but has a sizable bump.

As of Sept. 11, Droogsma is still in the hospital, but doesn't have any broken bones according to Howe.

Howe said he's still stiff and sore, but was able to travel to Austin on Sept. 10. Howe said with the elections coming soon, he can't afford to take a day off.