Dunn County investigators say a man killed last week was changing a tire on a farm wagon when it exploded.

The tire was being inflated when it and the attached metal rim hit 20-year-old Seth Splitter of rural Elk Mound in the head. Splitter was dead at the scene. He had been working on a wagon which is used to haul silage. The sheriff's office is investigating to see what caused the tire to explode.


Body found in Eau Claire is missing veteran

The father of a U.S. Army veteran is confirming the body found near Dells Pond in Eau Claire last week is his son.

Sept. 5 is being listed as the official date of death for Nicholas Wagener, the last day he was seen. Wagener served in Iraq for four years starting in 2001. A witness reported seeing the body on the embankment of the pond Thursday. Police say no foul play is suspected in Wagener's death.


DHS: 2017-18 flu season brought 379 deaths in Wis.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services said Monday that nearly 400 people in the state died from the flu during the 2017-18 flu season.

The state health agency says 7,520 people in Wisconsin were hospitalized with flu-related complications and 379 died. That's twice the number of deaths as the previous year. Three children were included in the death toll. DHS officials continue to encourage residents to get a flu shot to protect their families, communities and themselves, noting that only 36 percent of state residents got the flu shot last year.


Security guards arrested for fighting man in wheelchair

Milwaukee police have taken two security guards into custody after they were seen fighting a man in a wheelchair.

Video from the scene outside Jalisco's restaurant has been viewed multiple times online. A witness says the man in the wheelchair had caused a small disturbance inside the restaurant and the video was shot outside. Restaurant officials immediately distanced themselves from the incident, saying a new security company will be contracted.


Killer testifies for man who was present during 2014 homicide

A man serving 20 years in prison for felony murder has made a court appearance by phone to try to help one his four co-defendants.

Twenty-one-year-old Chance William Andrews is changing his story and saying one of the other three had no idea he was armed and had nothing to do with the crime. Garth Velin was killed four years ago. Andrews was testifying in Douglas County Circuit Court last Friday on behalf of 24-year-old Kane Michael Robinson who is serving 18 years in prison.


ICE agents make 9 Madison arrests

Agents with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency reportedly made nine arrests in Madison last week.

The feds took the suspects into custody without notifying local officials. Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says the arrests were made against the city's policy. Madison police say they have a working relationship with ICE, but the agency didn't follow protocol while making the arrests - six of them Friday.


Sleeping woman wakes to find 2 men in her house

A 74-year-old Madison woman escaped injury when she woke up Friday night to find two men in her house.

The woman says a man was standing over her holding a three-foot-long stick of some kind at about 11:30 p.m. Friday. A second man was searching her home for property to steal at the same time. The victim wasn't injured, but the robbers did get away with some items.