Editor's note: This Q&A is part of a series detailing Newport City Council candidates. Find the rest of the responses here.

Nathan Knox

  • Age: 23
  • Education: East Ridge High School Diploma
  • Family: Mother, aunts, uncles and various cousins
  • Occupation: Line worker

Why should you be elected?

I am running for City Council because it is my belief that every citizen should be involved more in their government, be the voice and represent my city to the best of my ability and our country is in serious trouble.

What skills and qualifications would you bring to public office?

I may be young, but I got the will to serve my fellow citizens, my city and my country as well.

How should the city approach future commercial and residential development?

I think we should proceed with a mix of these sayings: "Full steam ahead" and "Proceed with Extreme Caution," at the same time.

I talked to some of the people living on Military Road in Newport. They said they were worried that additional housing development in that area would ruin the natural beauty in that area.

We need to find a solution to that problem of balance of homosapien's creations and the natural ecosystem.

What can the city do to combat the high tax rate?

I have some recommendations: create a city sales tax rate around 1.5 percent, eliminate the city property tax for individuals, and also ask kindly of organizations and businesses of Newport to donate funds for a new City Hall and fire station.

And close noncritical city government operations during federal/state/local holidays to cut down costs.

But I am always open to suggestions, people of Newport.