In a close race for two at-large city council seats, incumbents Lori Braucks and Mark Vaughan will keep their seats for another term.

Updated results from the Secretary of State website Friday morning showed Lori Braucks racked up a total of 4,495 votes (33.65 percent). Mark Vaughan is second with 4,407 votes (32.99 percent), and Tom Cherney is third with 4,263 votes (31.91 percent).

“I am thankful and honored to be representing Hastings for another four years,” Braucks said.

In the days leading to the election, Braucks told the Hastings Star Gazette in a question-answer interview: “My entire professional career is in the private sector, and this experience gives me a practical, efficient and customer-service perspective to local government.”

Her short-term priorities are ensuring the community has clean, safe water and strengthening our water system, and supporting the police department “in their use of force policies and how they apply to persons with mental illness.” Her long-term priorities including continued focus on economic development including transit, improving Vermilion Street Corridor, and offering more diverse housing options.

Vaughan said that it was a great night, stating, “We had a good turnout and I appreciate everyone’s support.”

In his Q&A, Vaughan touted his four years of council experience setting and interpreting policy, which he said has helped him discover the value of establishing a forward vision for Hastings.

“My continued top priority will be to maintain Hastings’ current assets,” he said.

When asked about the challenges facing Hastings at the candidate forum on Oct. 25, Vaughan said that housing needs to be a priority in order to work on other challenges the city faces.

“I think we really need to focus on that, because it ties to [transportation and economic development],” Vaughan said.