Farmington City Council write-in candidate Joshua Hoyt and incumbent Katie Bernhjelm earned the most votes to win the two open seats.

Bernhjelm was the top vote getter with 2,585 votes from all six precincts. Hoyt took second place, according to unofficial results.

The election results show a total of 2,463 write-in votes were reported. It has not been confirmed if the total number of write-in votes were for write-in candidate Hoyt.

Hoyt planned a run for a seat on the Farmington City Council in 2020, but he decided to launch a grassroots write-in campaign after he witnessed the outpouring of community outrage from the Aug. 20 City Council meeting in response to the approval of the separation agreement between former Farmington Police Chief Brian Lindquist and the city.

Hoyt spoke during the council's open forum along with 24 others seeking answers in protest to the council's approval of the separation agreement. Hoyt voiced he was disappointed with the council's decision to separate ways with the police chief and said residents deserved to better understand the reasoning for the decision.

"It is very empowering and it is an amazing feeling because we started 78 days ago with a situation that was not ideal, and people spoke and we continued to send a message that we need new and better leadership," Hoyt said. "We have continued to beat that drum and overall people have been receptive to the idea that we need to change politics as we know it."

Election results show candidate Phil Windschitl took third place earning 2,194 votes. Trina Greene, who withdrew her candidacy, received 1,755 votes. Nick Gessell earned 1,726, Joel K. Pritchett had 1,054, Brett Wilson earned 1,108, and Jason Lamberson received 754.

"I want to send a sincere message of gratitude to everyone that supported our campaign and thank you for believing in our vision, methodology, intentions and goals and without every single one of you and your attentiveness, we wouldn't be where we are tonight," Hoyt said.