LAKE CITY - Six candidates vied for three spots on the Lake City City Council, and Amy Kohrs Alkire with 1306 votes, Faye Brown with 1271, and Russell Boe with 1159 emerged as winners.

Candidates not selected were John Mead with 1009 votes, Jason DeVinny with 711 votes, and Greg Schreck with 659 votes. There write 28 write-ins.

The Lake City School Board also had six candidates for three positions. The three incumbent candidates retained their jobs.

Dawn Balow with 2,524 votes, Mike Ohlhaber with 2,015 votes, and Becca Weist with 2,009 votes were declared winners.

The other candidates were Kevin Dather with 1,323 votes, Kevin Pavelka with 1,140, and Thomas Harvey Kregel with 509 votes. There were 22 write-ins.