The owner of an Appleton-area glass-making company BenShot decided to make gifts to its workers rather than cash bonuses this year.

Each employee got a gun. Ben Wolfgram says he wants to make sure his workers at the Hortonville company are safe and happy and a handgun was the perfect gift. Technically, the workers got gift cards that they used to buy the weapons so they would go through legal background checks. The company spent about $8,000 on the gift cards for 16 employees.


Democratic lawmakers push to change redistricting process

A Democratic state senator from Green Bay says he plans to re-introduce a bill that would create a nonpartisan committee to draw boundaries for legislative districts.

The future of the legislation backed by Sen. Dave Hansen is limited because it has been killed in the past and Republicans still retain control of the Legislature. Democrats say when legislative boundaries were redrawn seven years ago they helped the Republican unfairly consolidate their power. Even though the party won all five statewide races in last week's election, it was able to flip only one legislative seat.


Milwaukee County dealing with deaths related to ‘huffing’

Authorities in southeastern Wisconsin say they are dealing with an increasing number of deaths related to "huffing."

Milwaukee County leads the dubious statistic with six huffing-related deaths over the last 10 years. Huffing occurs when a person inhales chemical vapors. Three Girls Scouts and one adult were killed in a traffic accident allegedly related to huffing last week in Chippewa County. In Racine, crash investigators say a driver had been huffing before he passed out behind the wheel and crashed into a building.


Democrats return Hintz to leadership post

Oshkosh Rep. Gordon Hintz will return as minority leader for the legislative session starting in January.

Democrats re-elected Hintz during a Tuesday meeting which lasted less than five minutes. Hintz has been a member of the Wisconsin Assembly since 2006 and was first elected to the leadership position last year. He was unopposed during Tuesday's vote.


Appeals court rejects Chippewa County official’s wrongful termination claim

An appeals court has ruled a former Chippewa County official voluntarily quit her job.

Connie Goss had sued the county and its former administrator Frank Pascarella, claiming she was forced to resign in 2014. The appeals court decided she had failed to prove that and rejected her wrongful termination complaint. Goss worked for the county for 17 years. She had the run-in with Pascarella after accusing him of unethical conduct.


Girl, 4, OK after spending 8 hours in Milwaukee tow lot

Milwaukee police say they are still gathering information about a four-year-old girl who spent a cold night in her family's van which while it sat in a tow lot.

Temperatures dropped below freezing while the girl was left alone for eight hours. She was found when a tow lot operator heard her crying Tuesday morning. The girl's mother had been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving the night before. A 10-month-old baby was removed from the van, but the mother apparently didn't tell officers about the four-year-old.


Verona firefighters’ union calls for 2 top leaders to resign

The results of an investigation have officials with the union representing Verona firefighters calling for the resignations of the department's chief and assistant chief.

Fire Fighters Local 311 had requested the investigation which found mismanagement and inappropriate behavior. Union officials call the results of the investigation "alarming." It found inadequate training, failure to follow policies and procedures, a lack of professionalism and discipline, low morale and a lack of leadership. Chief Joseph Giver has been with the department for eight years.