Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel is expected to decide Monday whether to seek a recount in the race against Democratic challenger Josh Kaul.

The State Elections Commission said Friday the preliminary statewide vote shows Kaul ahead of Schimel by 17,190 votes or 0.65 percent of total ballots cast. State laws allow a recount request if the margin is 1 percent or less, but the candidate has to cover the cost if the lead is more than a quarter percentage point. Kaul has declared victory but Schimel has not yet conceded. He has until Wednesday to request a recount.


Vandal is bad-boy ‘wannabe,’ cops say

Thiensville police say the vandal who painted obscene pictures and gang signs on a building isn't a gang member.

They are hoping to find the white male wearing a gray hoodie and a winter jacket while tagging the building. Police say their suspect is just a bad boy "wannabe" and not an example of gang activity. Security cameras caught him riding his bicycle from the scene. City officials say it cost more than $1,000 to erase the graffiti from bathroom walls in a city park.


Felony charges filed against man for excessively punishing children

Eau Claire police say they first encountered Juan Jose Castro last week when he was accused of threatening to kill a woman while he was drunk.

As that case was investigated, police began to learn about the Castro who parented his children. The four kids were forced to stand 6 inches from a wall, with their hands behind their backs, for eight hours a day. Castro faces a long list of charges including causing mental harm to a child, physical abuse of a child, strangulation and suffocation, and domestic abuse.


Deer hunting season underway in Wis.

Thousands of hunters took to the fields Saturday for the opening weekend of Wisconsin's gun deer season.

The nine-day 2018 season runs Nov. 17-25. Some areas of the state have some fresh snow to help track those trophy bucks. Deer tags are now known as "harvest authorizations" and hunters must carry one while afield along with their hunting license. Hunters in Wisconsin harvested 197,733 deer in the 2017 gun season. The DNR says the high number of reported deer sightings from across the state the last few weeks suggest a good year.


If convicted, 2 babysitters could get life in prison

Results of an autopsy have led Manitowoc County prosecutors to charge two babysitters with felonies, which could carry a life sentence if they are convicted.

The autopsy on the 3-year-old boy showed he died of complications after suffering severe internal injuries. Police say their investigation determined Eduardo Gomez and Jamie Schrank were using meth while they were taking care of the child while his mother was at work. The victim was brought to a hospital July 28 and required surgery, then died at Wisconsin Children's Hospital.


Madison armed robber gets 25 years because victim died

A Dane County judge has given a convicted armed robber a 25-year prison sentence because one of his victims had a heart attack and died.

The judge ruled Nicholas Ivy's refusal to allow others to call for help caused the death of 56-year-old Chris Kneubuehl of Twin Lakes. The medical examiner told the court Kneubuehl would have survived if he got medical attention promptly last year. A second defendant, Xavier Fleming, is to be sentenced next month.


Juvenile charged with making prank call that drew big police response

Charges have been filed against a juvenile who admits he made a prank call Saturday which drew a large response from Middleton police.

The juvenile's name hasn't been released. He and a friend made a 911 call reporting a fake hostage situation which drew one dozen officers and Dane County deputies to the home. They were there for two hours before it was officially determined there wasn't a threat. Both young suspects admitted they made that call as a prank.