St. Croix EMS remains first on the list for inter-facility transfers from HealthPartners Hudson Hospital, even as Lakeview EMS, also run by HealthPartners, is set to take over EMS services in the town of Hudson next year.

Hudson Hospital President Tom Borowski told the EMS Commission on Tuesday, Dec. 4, that as of now, St. Croix EMS is still the first called for any transfer. Then doctors go down the list that includes Lakeview, River Falls and Baldwin.

Borowski said the issue will merit discussion, depending on how the city of Hudson's review of proposals for EMS services goes.

"Hudson Hospital, we'll do what's in the best interest of the patients in our community, that's what we're about. That will not change," Borowski said.

Transfers from the Hudson Hospital are one of the main revenue sources for St. Croix EMS.

Concerns about a change to the transfer call list were expressed as the town and Lakeview discussed the contract for services earlier this year.

Operations Supervisor Josh Olson said Tuesday that it had been discussed that Lakeview would have to take all the transfers to be profitable in the area. Town of Hudson Supervisor Tim Foster said the discussion at the time was if a HealthPartners competitor took over St. Croix EMS services in the future, the hospital would not allow a competitor to take the transfers.

Proposals for EMS services to the city of Hudson are being reviewed noon Thursday, Dec. 13. The meeting is open to the public.