As 2018 comes to a close, area municipalities have approved the budgets for 2019.

Village of North Hudson

North Hudson Village Board approved a balanced 2019 budget of $1,970,516 in both expenditures and revenues.

The village's 2019 budget is an increase of more than 2 percent from last year's budget. In 2018, the village had a budget of $1,922,918.

Property taxes for the village will increase about half a percent in the new year, up to $1,602,235 from the previous year's property taxes of about $1.59 million.

The budget for 2019 includes a 3 percent wage increase for employees, a $17 per capita rate for EMS and a slight increase for fire services. The budget also includes $77,000 for the purchase of a new police squad and public works truck, with $65,000 of the cost coming from the police department and public works assigned vehicle fund.

Town of Hudson

Hudson Town Board approved a balanced budget of $2,087,066.59 for 2019.

The new year's budget is a decrease of about $870,000 from the previous year's nearly $3 million budget.

Town of Hudson property taxes for 2019 will increase slightly by about $5,000.

Included in the town's 2019 budget is about $380,000 for street maintenance, $25,000 for bridge maintenance and the final $148,000 payment for St. Croix EMS.

Town of Troy

The Troy Town Board approved a balanced 2019 budget of $1,801,994 in both expenditures and revenue.

The new year's budget is about 10.5 percent less than last year's, which totaled over $2 million.

Property taxes totals for 2019 were set at $982,258, an increase of just under 2 percent.

Department increases include more than $91,000 for parks for the Glover Park trail system. A portion of the project will be funded by Wisconsin DNR grants. Other increases were made to culture, recreation and education and conservation and development, about $5,000 each.